Thursday, 26 October 2017


You know what I love more than housework? Crafts that involve me using housework items such as an iron as a part of it. Obviously I'm joking. I hate the iron, but we gotta do these things for the kids we love. So for a little bit of afternoon crafts over half term, I suggested (yup, it was even my idea) to the girls that we get out the perler beads, or hama beads, I never know which one it's meant to be called.

There were no accidents. No spillages of a tub of beads across the floor. And no arguments over who used what. It was a really nice afternoon we had just sat making little bits of perler art. We had to take the geeky side to it all being a nerdy family so I got some Pokemon, Zelda bits going and a little Calcifer too.

I remember doing these with my mum when I was younger and her hating to get the iron out to them too. It was mainly a ton of multicoloured hearts that we'd give her to iron for us though. I wonder if these things will be around when my girls are all grown up to do with their children. Though, let's not give me Grandma status yet... for a long time.

Rhiannon xx

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