Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Currently I'm...

Feeling: Deflated
Binge watching: All the latest series of New Girl I recorded
Reading: Red Queen
Eating: Jacket potato with a ton of cheese on top
Drinking: Gin and tonic (I seemed to have grown a taste to like it since turning 30)
Favourite Song: Foo Fighters - Run
Looking Forward To: A meal out with work Wednesday night
Last Thing I Laughed At: My chalkboard sign I did at work
Loving: Love Island! (completely obsessed)
Disliking: The sudden disappearance of the sun
Really Should Be: Dying my hair
Instead I'm: Too easily distracted by the internet
Bad Habit: Picking at split ends
Favourite Quote: Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere else
Latest craft project: Made my own notebook

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Things That Make Me Happy

Spending time with the people I love
Sitting down to relax and get lost in a book
Warm cups of tea
Husky Dogs!
Getting my craft on
Watching my girls grow up
Getting to watch cheesy TV
Nights out/in with friends
A good cuddle
Bubble baths
Seeing beautiful pictures and experiences from people across Instagram
Date Nights
Crafts and stationery
Songs that make me sing so bad I forget people are around
When people remember the little things I've told them
A nice drive through the countryside

Rhiannon x

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Always The Dreamer

Now for all my friends and I'll even go with the people that are on my friends list on Facebook, this is a pretty well known fact about myself. I have a big obsession with unicorns. I couldn't even tell you how it started. They just seemed to have invaded my life and my wardrobe, one hoof at a time. Though there are also tell tale signs from the moment you enter my house, you are greeted with a unicorn shaped chalk board and then all over the place there are little remnants around, like a money box, a picture,  little hangy quote things and over my bed.

I think I managed to really put the final touch to the love affair by adding a unicorn tattoo to my growing collection of five now. This is five different tattoos not all unicorn themed, I meant, that would be crazy. The picture is from the day after getting it done so it is still a bit sore but I completely love it! It fits my child like wrists perfectly and isn't anywhere near as big as the picture makes out.

I already have tattoo number six ready to book when I get a chance too. I hadn't expected this one to hurt as much as it did, I even got offered a lollipop! First time that's happened with me. Naturally, my Mum doesn't like it, my children think it's the best thing ever and I'm loving freaking a couple of friends out when they feel how bumpy it is where the skin is still healing.

Here's to being able to dream just that bit more.

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